Mr. Nardone speaks to audiences about how to Generate Momentum, Accelerate Success, and Create Wealth by applying Biblical principles in all areas of their lives. For over two decades, JD has helped elite achieving and high performing Executives, Small Business Owners, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs learn to Align Spirituality/Faith, Mindset, and Intentional Action in practical ways that increase performance outcomes, while creating a more balanced, fulfilling lifestyle.

JD’s Most Requested Talks:

1. The Key to Full-Life Wealth (Financial, Spiritual, Emotional, & Physical)

2. Build a Legacy of Generosity at Any Age

3. Faith@Work: Biblical Success Principles

4. Dream Lifestyle: Intentional Impact & Tangible Memorable Value

5. Mindset: From Small Shifts to Peak Performance

6. Your Unique Identity & Kingdom Purpose

7. Running on Empty to Overflowing in 90 days

JD has the ability to customize his talk, so your group’s unique needs, circumstances, and interests are addressed and practical action steps with tangible outcomes can be included to add value for attendees.